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Ever wanted to know the histories, mysteries, and curiosities of the planet?

I'm Jacob. I write, perform, speak, and make films. I am bold in my approach, and abundantly curious. I'm plain honest, and to the point.

You can find me in academia, theatre, television, and comedy. My dedication to entertaining and informing has given me a wealth of experience, and an invaluable perspective of the globe.

Whilst completing an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at the University of the West of England, I produced Bear Hunt, a tour of personal interests and first venture into professional film-making.

Like all social animals, I am best when collaborating. I'm always excited about new projects with new faces - reach out so we can get started.


I present for film, radio, and online. I deliver excellent interviews and love to collaborate.

During a shoot, I take direction well and enjoy improvising unscripted to camera. After years on-stage, I am especially fond of doing live broadcasts.

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As a writer and scriptwriter, it is my job to entertain and inform. Having written for a range of fields and media, I am adaptive to my audience and the subject matter.


I impart information to the audience the way that they want to hear it.


Public Speaker

I'm most effervescent when talking about natural history, archaeology, and my own work.

I have presented and compered public events, moderated panels, contributed to live discussions, and am a skilled interviewer.

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Voiceover Artist

I record audiobooks, television narration, radio programmes, and podcasts.

For voiceover artists and actors, I have a sideline in vocal delivery coaching.

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I am an active stand-up comic. My favourite topics are history, nature, and wordplay, with a hint of absurdity.

As a resident producer and performer at The Room Above in Bristol, I write sketches, provide tech, and advise on productions. I have performed several times at the Edinburgh Fringe.


I know how I like to be filmed, and therefore how to film other subjects. I know how to follow a brief, and can film and edit short-form content efficiently.

I am equally at home producing original media, or meeting briefs using archive.

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