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Jacob has worked across film, radio, and online formats. He is an assured interviewer and adapts effectively to tone and subject matter.

On location, Jacob takes direction well and enjoys improvising to camera. Owing to a life on stage, he is especially fond of doing live broadcasts.

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Jacob has plied his trade as a writer whilst preparing his material for stage and screen.


His writing is audience-adaptive and carries Jacob's trademark incisive style. The result is a well-balanced formula designed to inform and entertain.



Years as a comic and MC have made Jacob an effervescent and compelling presence onstage.

Jacob's accomplished delivery and relaxed demeanour make him a welcome addition to panels and corporate events.

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Hailing from Leeds, and obsessed with diction: Jacob's voice and delivery are equally distinctive and soothing.


He has recorded for audiobooks, television narration, radio programmes, and podcasts.

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Jacob's lively manner and quirky perspective was a refreshing presence on the comedy circuit. 

He honed his craft by performing, directing and teaching improv, scripted, and stand-up comedy in Bristol and at the Edinburgh Fringe. He still dips back to comedy from time to time.


Be it for screen or stage, Jacob is a confident and intuitive director and narrative consultant.


Having worked as an editor, producer, and researcher for television, combined with his background in performance, Jacob knows how to spin a good yarn and maximise the potential of a production.

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