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Jacob On... (2023)


Jacob tackles topics from King Arthur to Giant Sloths in this weekly social media serial. 

The Bristol Dinosaur (2023)

Presenter · Produced by Ananya Ramesh

Jacob stumbles upon a Thecodontosaurus and its family while exploring the Avon gorge in Bristol. But do not be alarmed, they are plant-eating dinosaurs.

Bear Hunt (2022)


Presenter and comic Jacob Burley hosts Bear Hunt; a stand-up show in which he explores the existence and extinction of the brown bear in the British Isles. 


Britain, ten thousand years ago: a peninsula of Europe, a wilderness lost to time. Today, Jacob uses science, art, and storytelling in an attempt to bring this world to life, revealing ancient Britain as the land of the bear. Join him on a journey, both physical and psychological, to uncover Britain’s past, and why people don’t seem to find it as interesting as he does. 


This is natural history as you’ve never seen it before. This is Bear Hunt.

On Bear Hunt:

"Very original and a brave approach, but for me this worked extremely well." - Peter Venn

"Jacob Burley took us on a bear hunt, and we had a lovely time." - James Harvey

Semi-Finalist, 50th Anniversary Student Academy Awards 2023 (Documentary)


A Cut Above (2021)

Determined to reverse his poor fortunes, Harry plans his debut show as artistic director of The Room Above theatre.

Harry Allmark is the artistic director of The Room Above, a small community theatre in Bristol. Theatre and comedy are Harry’s passions. His ambition to pursue a career in the arts has been curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic. He now finds himself living in his theatre. Harry hopes that his upcoming Halloween show could spell a change in his circumstances.

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